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Recall Reasons & Their Responses

Recall Reasons & Their Responses - Matched Up

Not all being recalled have the same number or same reasons they are being recalled for, but do share a majority of reasons in common.

Click on each below to see their responses challenging our reasons to recall them, along with our list of reasons to recall them, matched up side by side.

After looking at each, we recommend you go back to the HOME page and select READ MORE on each individual to see our reasons explained in-depth with information aka evidence, supporting our claims on each reason they are being recalled for. A complete overview per individual if you will.

In my opinion all of their answers to the recall reasons were inapt and didn’t address the issues. Especially the responses stating that it's inaccurate, had a missed opportunity for them to explain how it's inaccurate.

Shawn Bradley - Local Resident

NOTE: The reasons are taken from the notice of intentions to circulate recall petition that was served to each of them. The responses are taken from their responses that they filed in addition to them hand delivering a copy of their response to a proponent of the recall. Both are to be included in the official Petition for Recall. We took both and matched them up side by side in order written & received. This is meant to give you an easier visual.