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All Three File Responses

All Three File Responses

Aug 14 2023

On August 8, 2023 mayor Kelly Kulikoff, councilmember Ronald Smith, and councilmember Michael Kulikoff were served with a notice of intention to circulate recall petition at the city council meeting. From the minute the notice was filed each had 7 days to file a response.

The mayor & councilmembers each filed a response to the recall on August 14, 2023 and also hand delivered a copy of their response to a proponent of the recall. Click on each below to see their responses they provided challenging our reasons to recall them.


NOTE: The included images are scans of their responses that they provided indicating they were filed with the city clerk. Upon scanning each, their signature and the city clerk signature were both blacked out for privacy reasons. The documents are public records and should be available via a FOIA request with the city clerk.