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About The Recall

About The Recall

Why Recall Them?

Since the day they took office in December 2022, the red flags started being raised. The people of this city do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they retain control over the instruments they have created.

Transparency is a component of good governance. The same good governance many have been seeking. Transparency is also based on respect and trustworthiness. Accountability is also part of good governance and when we see the newly elected councilmembers and mayor engaging in certain behavior and making bad decisions it is our right to seek accountability. Yes, it is true they cannot be held accountable for the actions and decisions made by other councilmembers. It is in their own vote and their own actions, that is meant to be measured. It is in their vote in which they decided to take away the splash pad from Balsitis against pleas from those in that area impacted as well as many others. The notion that thinking it’s ok for a kid to walk miles in the summer heat to go to Central Park for the splash pad is a harmful ideology to the kids of our community. Central Park already has a water activity it’s called the pool, Balsitis doesn’t.

The wasteful spending in attorney’s fees going after a female councilmember in her 70’s is beyond egregious it’s despicable. Our tax money is not meant to be spent on the mayor’s crusade to oust her from office while causing financial hardship to her in the lawsuits against her on behalf of the city.

We fear of a loss of revenue in the form of a special tax will be a determinant to this city because of their mismanagement of city finances and their ongoing decisions or lack thereof, amongst other things.

Many feel the three of them are not what is going to move this city forward. We deserve better. They can pull bushes in front of city hall all they want and make the ground dirt again but that is not the major improvement needed vs. the constant pothole issues throughout our city. We have had enough of the smoke and mirrors and delusional thoughts. They can also sit here thinking their decisions are what’s best, but what’s best for who and at what expense. The hypocrisy and their disregard to the grand jury recommendations such as their recommendation to hire experience, their ongoing dismissal of addressing ordinances the city is not in compliance with, the gross negligence of not listening to the public when they speak and their dismissal of them after three minutes not allowing them to finish their thoughts, their unprofessionalism in various ways amongst other things are some of the many reasons why the three of them should step down from office immediately. Now we know that doesn’t seem likely so that is why it comes to this moment that we begin the process of removing them from office.

Another day in office is another day this continues and prevents the city from achieving its maximum potential that benefits every single member of this community in one way or another and not a select few. This is about good governance and in seeking such, we exercise our right to hold our elected officials accountable therefore by recalling them as our method of accountability. If this much damage can be done in a short period time, then it further indicates they need to be removed from office immediately as we can’t wait another 3 years, when two of them being recalled terms end. True maximum progress and fiscal responsibility can’t wait.

It's understandable that because of the chaos in our city throughout the years it’s hard for people to believe things most often. That is why it’s imperative that the reasons we are recalling them for, have supportive documentation to further substantiate our claims, which you will find HERE.

If you don’t have trust, what do you have?

Recall Timeline

Below are some of the milestones throughout the recall.

Aug 8 2023

Notice of Intention To Circulate Recall Petition Served

Local Cal City resident serves two city councilmembers & mayor with a notice of intention to circulate recall petition at the city council meeting held August 8, 2023.

Aug 14 2023

Mayor & Councilmembers File A Response

The mayor & councilmembers each filed a response to the recall on August 14, 2023 and also hand delivered a copy of their response to a proponent of the recall.

Aug 17 2023

Notices Published In The Mojave Desert News

A copy of the notice for councilmember Michael Kulikoff, councilmember Ronald Smith, and mayor Kelly Kulikoff were published in the Mojave Desert News August 17th.

Aug 17 2023

Petitions For Recall Filed For County Approval

As required two blank copies of the Petition for Recall and proof of publication for the mayor & councilmembers were filed for the Kern County Elections Division to approve.

Aug 23 2023

County Approved All Petitions

Aug 24 2023

Petitions Begin Circulating for Signatures

Community Comments

See what people in the community have to say about the recall.